5 Ways Of Cleaning Skirting Boards

Word of advice, in any case you think that your house is clean and you have not cleaned the skirting boards then according to rules of house sanitation your house is still considerably very dirty. Below are the ten simple ways of cleaning skirting boards that is considered worldwide.

Using Magic Erasers

When the Magic Erasers were first introduced to me they were the coolest cleaning materials to have ever been made. They remove stuck-on dirt and scuffs and also make the skirting board to have a brand new look. Simply adding water to the Magic Eraser and scrubbing away on the skirting board you can see the magic.

Disinfecting Wipes

A few containers of disinfecting wipes can be used to clean the skirting boards.in order to clean the entire house you will need a few containers and therefore it is very wasteful. The beneficial part of it is that they leave the house smelling great and also work effectively.

Dryer Sheets

This little trick can only work effectively on recently cleaned skirting boards by running a dryer sheet along them. It makes your home smell like freshly washed linen and also repels future dust.


Sometimes people do not feel like using these other methods of cleaning the skirting boards since to others they are tiresome. The vacuum cleaner assists in doing these jobs while still cleaning your home effectively. You do not even need to bend down since you can use an attachment that works to get into the small areas in the house.

Spray Cleaner and Paper Towel

This is the historical way of cleaning skirting boards in the past. It is still effective today since you simply grab a spray bottle of all-purpose cleaner and some paper towel and wipe while spraying the boards. The main disadvantage of using paper towels is that a lot of it goes to waste.